The War Begins!

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By Ben

A Case of the Summers

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By TheManWhoShearsLlamas

I'm Listening to Vivaldi's "The 12 Seasons" as I Type This

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By Unknown

Life in the Fast Lane

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By NitroGuy

Nope, Not an Ounce of Satire Here, Not at All...

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Speak for Yourself

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By DietJutsu

No Part of This Sentence Makes a Lick of Sense

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Hot, Wet Summer

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By Unknown

Dripping Orange

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By Unknown

The Fire Pit Can't Hold Us

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By Unknown

Fool Me Once, Shame on You ...

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By Unknown

Summer Love

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By Unknown

5. You're an Idiot :D <3

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By Unknown
People share stories of their worst summer jobs.

14 People Share Gruesome Stories of Their Worst Summer Jobs

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It's Too Hot to Pull Over, Apparently

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Your Family and Roommates Will Love This too!

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By RoguePisigit
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