Facebook Suggestions Finally do Some Good in the World

brains suggestion psychology failbook g rated - 8077672192
Created by Unknown

Too Soon, Facebook

Indiana Jones suggestion juxtaposition failbook g rated - 8217246208
Via moardownboats

You Are Now Thinking of the Guitar Hooke

Music suggestion - 8310255104
Created by Unknown

How Ya Doing Little Bacon?

pig cute suggestion juxtaposition - 8459427072
Created by DarkVorona

Definitely too Soon

paul walker suggestion too soon The Walking Dead - 8175816448
Created by Empkat

There's Nothing Funny About This Story, Except Facebook's Suggestion Algorithm

Via 1Voice1Life

Happy Release Day to the GROUND

suggestion juxtaposition iphone - 8323075840
Created by Unknown

A Suggestion for MythBusters

mythbusters suggestion - 4795319808
Created by Unknown

Is it in Yet? The Holy Spirit, I Mean.

suggestion facebook pr0n sexy times - 8105629440
Via FatTonyWilliam

Cue the Musical Sting!

irony politics suggestion - 8256622080
Via Joanne Casey

Who Wants Extra Protein?

food juxtaposition gross suggestion - 8337758464
Created by EgilKroh

The Other Woman, and the Other Other Other Woman

news relationships suggestion juxtaposition - 8475831040
Created by D Mulls

Facebook, Now With Built-in Fact Checking!

suggestion facebook snopes true facts - 8103314944
Created by Unknown

Stuck in the Middle With You

ouch glue sexy time suggestion failbook - 8503963904
Created by klqzm

Thanks for the Related Links, Facebook

gwyneth paltrow lady bits suggestion juxtaposition - 8437519104
Created by Unknown

Learn to Write Your Own Terrible Lines!

fifty shades of grey suggestion juxtaposition - 8485728000
Created by TheDContinuum
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