Who's Up for Seafood?

accidental sexy suggestion juxtaposition - 8426033408
By Boyd

Re-Target Those Targeted Ads, Please

Fun Fact suggestion juxtaposition flying - 8132607488
By Unknown

We Have All the Evidence We Need Right Here

suggestion juxtaposition food obesity - 8314572288
By Baconator

Too Soon, Facebook

Indiana Jones suggestion juxtaposition failbook g rated - 8217246208
Via moardownboats

Bob Hoskins Probably Doesn't Want to be Remembered for This

too soon suggestion mario - 8169249536
By Catherine

We Also Would Have Accepted "Maxwell Silverhammer"

suggestion facebook Probably bad News failbook g rated - 8103478272
By Unknown

Facebook Suggestions Somehow Get Even More Inappropriate

suggestion Probably bad News juxtaposition airplane - 8470063616
By catdaddy79

Facebook, Now With Built-in Fact Checking!

suggestion facebook snopes true facts - 8103314944
By Unknown

Such a Cute Dinner!

advertisement accidental sad suggestion juxtaposition rabbit - 8504431360
By Unknown

Cue the Musical Sting!

irony politics suggestion - 8256622080
Via Joanne Casey

Come to Think of it, That's Pretty Metal...

suggestion science juxtaposition - 8502249728
By Jake L

Happy Release Day to the GROUND

suggestion juxtaposition iphone - 8323075840
By Unknown

Facebook Has a Dark Sense of Humor

suggestion isis juxtaposition - 8477561600
By Danny

Facebook Suggestions Finally do Some Good in the World

brains suggestion psychology failbook g rated - 8077672192
By Unknown

Only Nurses Understand This Petty Crime

whoops suggestion juxtaposition - 8417696512
By Unknown

Is it in Yet? The Holy Spirit, I Mean.

suggestion facebook pr0n sexy times - 8105629440
Via FatTonyWilliam
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