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Even the crew of the Starship Enterprise aren't immune to Facebook's (excuse me, Spacebook's) unrivaled ability to stir up some drama.

File under "Awkward Silence."

Heads Up: While the clip has no dialogue, there are some naughty words written on the screen. Hide yo kids if you feel it necessary.

Via: Black Moon Studios


Lady Responds to Strict Office Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes

If you thought your boss was bad, think again.

This lady has filed a harassment complaint against her superior for imposing a dress code that's stricter than a Amish private school.

"No straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even (and I quote) "cultural head wraps."

Now she has come to work each day in an outfit that fits the guidelines of Big Boss Lady's dress code, but in the MOST ORIGINAL way possible.

Might be time for yet another dress code...

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