If Marriages Were Built on Spelling, You'd be Toast

anniversary grammar marriage spelling - 8343268352
Created by Unknown

Time to "Pew Pew Pew" All Over That Weather

autocorrect whoops word choice spelling - 8238704640
Created by icanhazpants

Time to Hit the Books, Mom

irony spelling mom - 8362368512
Via Bits and Pieces

Either Way

spelling win witty reply - 5226012416
Created by mysassypants

Dog Food

dogs over their head spelling witty reply - 4914737152
Created by musicman1188

Jean Simmons

KISS make your own fail nice try oops spelling - 4654935296
Created by Funny Finds ( Via Funny Finds )

Make Sure to Dress Real Lazy-Like

twitter grammar fedora relationships spelling - 8436140800
Via Birdddd_is_the_word

You're Far From A Proofreader

facepalm grammar really spelling tattoo - 5126567936
Created by Unknown

Feeling Insulated?

insults spelling typos - 7753280256
Created by Unknown

God May Be Watching, But He's Clearly Not Checking Your Spelling

florida god sign spelling - 5046098688
Created by alinakd

Points For Precipitation...

weather winter spelling rain - 8437855744
Created by Unknown

Full of Wisdom

school facepalm irony spelling failbook g rated - 8294264832

Haven Problems

spelling - 7795102464
Created by lalalotier

What Do Mass and Volume Have to Do With My Destiny?

typo timeless wisdom spelling - 7553846272
Created by Unknown

The Problem with Homeschooling

facepalm spelling stupid - 4492766976
Created by Unknown

Dear Dairy

spelling your friends are laughing at you - 5049840128
Created by Unknown
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