Definitely Not Disney

lion king not what i meant spelling - 5267805440

Spelling or Driving?

driving spelling - 7833497344

Spelling Counts

oh snap spelling ugly witty reply - 5508935936

So THAT'S What I've Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time!

funny fail comment of a girl saying she wants a guy who can't spell and a guy who nails it in response.

It's Absolutely Bubonic!

typo spelling - 8119125248
Created by DavidDoggs

William Doesn't Deserve This Kind of Slander

typo spelling - 8193719552
Created by Unknown

Anonymous Note Tries to Shame Woman For Literally Air-Drying Her Clean Laundry

funny fail image woman gets note about drying her underwear on clothes line near school
Via Charlotte Wilkinson

The Dairy of Anne Frank

anne frank meme spelling Witch Your Spelling - 4472180736

No Number of "A's" Could Prevent This

irony spelling name failbook - 8457334784
Created by Unknown

Education Before Procreation

facepalm question spelling - 4624077568
Created by mellain

Don't be a Nativity Nancy

christmas Nativity spelling - 8383212800
Created by dinger

Yeah, It's the Test's Fault...

facepalm school spelling stupid teachers - 4634516736
Created by subjectiveobserver

Can't Imagine Why

info spelling thats-why - 4888594944

So, Which Half is Tuna?

facepalm for sale spelling failbook g rated - 8051960832
Created by BKinRice

Proper Calling-Out Etiquette

facepalm irony spelling - 8453273088
Created by lost_catgirl

In Her Defense, She's a Nurse

drama facepalm spelling failbook - 8466379520
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