As a Bonus, You Get to Look Like an Idiot!

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Via Sir_Qqqwxs

Time to Teach the Family About Internet Chain Spam

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Created by Standin

The Spam Bots Are Becoming Self Aware

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Created by English

Wat Do?

I see what you did there Photo spam - 5173279488
Created by Stephen Johnston
taylors instagram comments

Taylor Swift's Instagram Account Is Getting Swarmed With Thousands of Snake Emojis

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But Seriously, Don't.

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Created by SPUD_JJH


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Created by Nichole D

Share If You're Being Asked to Share This!

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Created by curvfem

The Fembots Are Taking Over Skype

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Created by Parker

Told You So

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Created by FrankCrumpets

Chain Mail: It Was Cool in the 90s, So Why Not Now?

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Via SnipeyMcSnipe

How to Have Fun With a Spam Bot

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Created by Icanhaspenguinz

The Luckiest Man on the Internet

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Created by Dinobeen

Send a Shot to Your Homies

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Via RolanMcDolan

That Guy Knows Everything!

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Created by Unknown

It's Easy to Provoke Smartass Friends

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Created by 132bpm
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