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The Creators Claim This is the World's "Dumbest App," but it's Still Pretty Useful!

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#Jousting #Fall #PumpkinSpiceImpaling

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HTC First a.k.a. the 'Facebook Phone' Discontinued After Just One Month

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By Unknown

A Night Out Ain't What It Used to Be

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Left to His Own Devices

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By BestScallopsInTheCity

Admit Which Type You Are

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Who Needs Technology Anyway?

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You Seem Confused

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I'm Sure It'll Turn Up

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Making Magic With Your Smartphone

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Quite the Crappy Phone

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By Topher Fannon

How Do Screenshots Work?

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The Accidental Awful Selfie

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You're Not Like the Other Smartphones

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Don't Lie, We Understand

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The Circlet Bracelet Wants You to Use Your Skin as a Smartphone Screen

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