Look Ma, I'm a Unicorn!

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By BrittanyJo

Wait, When Did They Make This Announcement?

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By Unknown

How Else am I Supposed to Clean This iPhone?

warning sign phone washing machine - 8422968832
Via Acid Cow

We Salute Them for Everything They've Done for the Local Youth Center

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Via GlazerBooHooHoo

Come for Disney World, Stay for the Shattering of Your Faith in People

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Via Acid Cow
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Someone Grab the Smelling Salts, Cause Roger Goodell Just Got Clotheslined By These Brutal Signs at Patriots Parade

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Businesses Like This Only Exist Because We're All Butterfingers

Via Mr_get_the_cream

This is the Only Anti-Theft Device Stores Need in the Social Media Age

warning sign thief failbook g rated - 8319524096
Via Brown Cardigan

This Service Ought to be Worth More

u2 sign homeless iphone failbook - 8321338112
Via zacharygarren

Leave Your Inclusive, Inspirational Crap for the Nice Side of the Internet

burn hacked irl sign tumblr - 8346814976
Via Acid Cow

Status: Feeling [Run Over by a Car Emoji]

Via Acid Cow

Target the Fandoms Where They Live!

doctor who sign tumblr failbook g rated - 8234533120
Via Brown Cardigan

This Ought to be the Protest of Our Time

sign candy crush Protest mobile games facebook games failbook g rated - 8272774912
Via Cubicle Bot

@The_Real_Jesus, Could You at Least Follow Me Back or Something?

jesus sign twitter religion failbook g rated - 8219402752
Via Brown Cardigan

Time to Give Up on Humanity

sign Protest facepalm fake photoshop politics failbook - 8495904768
By bo-dagets

Don't Forget E-Mail Notifications

sign phone restaurant introverts - 8351214080
Via Bits and Pieces
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