This is the Only Anti-Theft Device Stores Need in the Social Media Age

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Leave Your Inclusive, Inspirational Crap for the Nice Side of the Internet

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That's A XXL Problem

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At the Social Media Nursing Home

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It Can't Even

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@The_Real_Jesus, Could You at Least Follow Me Back or Something?

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Someone Grab the Smelling Salts, Cause Roger Goodell Just Got Clotheslined By These Brutal Signs at Patriots Parade

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Looks Like Portland is Finally Getting Salty AF About Portlandia

funny sign tweet Portland bookstore posts salty Portlandia sign
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Christmas Under the Sea?

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Speed Limits Are a Suggestion Anyway, Right?

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Way to Make Mom Go Blind

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Status: Feeling [Run Over by a Car Emoji]

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This Service Ought to be Worth More

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We Salute Them for Everything They've Done for the Local Youth Center

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Biologists Don't Play Around With the Insults

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What's Your Sign?

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By Phaye
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