Ever heard that men think about every 7 seconds, or 8,000 times a day! Well that's false. Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 according to current research/ Sex is something that binds us, penetrates us.... wait what? Anyways, Sex and sex memes, gifs, and everything to do with sex is all you'll find here and much more.

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Couple Having Loud Sex Brings Florida Tennis Match to Screeching Halt In Hilarious Interruption

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Tell Them All It Isn't Fair To Take Away My Only Dream

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Via endoflevelbaddy

A Hefty Insurance Package

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Either Way, Go Down on Your Butt

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Created by ryang89

Kanye Never Lets You Finish

kanye west kim kardashian sex - 6187703040

Boom, Roasted

insult premature ejaculation sex - 6137464576

Accidential Antisocial

sex violence typo movies funny - 7518606848
Created by Unknown

Happy November Birthdays in Advance!

conception pregnant sex Valentines day - 6098336256

These Chicken Wings Are Sinfully Delicious

condom devil sex - 6491885824

This Sex Really IS on Fire!

loose sex vag - 6184097536

The Last Part He Probably Said Quietly to Himself in His Head

condoms sex threesome - 6233540352

DIY: It's Easier Than You Think

sex DIY condoms failbook g rated - 7639522816
Created by bambi.koch

Almost Had It!

dating forever alone girlfriends hookup sex threesome - 6598316800
Created by Savannah
funny orgy twitter thoughts

Dude on Twitter Live-Tweets Hilarious Breakdown on the Perils of An Orgy

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The Belated Walk of Shame

sex thong underwear - 6441818624
Created by Unknown

The Best Way to Get Dumped

dating dumped sex Subway - 6224611072

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