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Text - Fact- if the earth was 10 ft closer to the sun we would all burn up and if it was 10 ft further we would freeze to death.. God is amazing!! Sunday at 11:04am via Text Message Like Comment and 4 others like this. Wow.that's crazy! Sunday at 11:07am via Facebook Mobile Like I knooooow! Sunday at 11:08am Like Amen Sunday at 11:08am Like to anyone wondering, that's not true. 1)Earth's orbit is eliptical and the distance from the sun varies from around 147 milion kilometers to 152 milion kilom
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Another Completely Normal Comforting Thought From Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Just Taking a Wild Guess Here...

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Gas Intruder

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Back Off, We Have an Expert Here

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That's the Smell of Desperation

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Nailed It

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Because Science, That's Why

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Moving at the Speed of Stupid

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reminds Everyone He Is Not a Biologist With One Very Inaccurate Tweet

science biology neil degrasse tyson Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reminds Everyone He Is Not a Biologist With One Very Inaccurate Tweet
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Even the Guy Who Listens to Korn Thinks It's Stupid

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Wait, What if WE Turn into Dinosaurs????!!!!

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Another Mystery Solved by SCIENCE!

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How Social Media is Changing Your Brain

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Pretty Sure That's Not How Gravity Works, Dude

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