Absorbent and Yellow and Scary is He!

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How Not to Comfort Someone at the Dentist's Office

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Kids Hallucinate the Darndest Things

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A Dark, Terrifying Pixar Theory From the Bowels of Tumblr

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People are terrified of creepy house listing after it was shared on Twitter.

This Disturbed Nightmare House Listing Is Scaring the Hell Out of Everyone

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Today's April 1st. You Know What to Do.

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scary twitter wtf baseball nightmare fuel glitches MLB - 1776133

Horrifying MLB Glitch Ends Up Creating Nightmare Fuel, Leaves People Traumatized

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The Scariest Thing

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Twilight's Alternate Ending

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"20 Isn't Even a Time."

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Clown of the Day: Twitter Is Laughing at Pennywise’s New Look in the “It” Remake

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funny tweets about a cursed root

Woman's Scary Twitter Thread About Cursed Root Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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Someone Thought It'd Be a Good Idea to Broadcast 'Watership Down' on Easter

tv scary kids books Someone Thought It'd Be a Good Idea to Broadcast 'Watership Down' on Easter
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