Satan, not to be mistaken with the lovely fabric. The big guy downstairs used to scare people to walk the straight and narrow for nearly 2000 years. It's about time you find a reason to laugh at him, even just a bit. What do you have to fear, Purgatory? Possibly.

The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes

jokes satan bus The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes
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Balance is Maintained in the Universe

honey boo-boo jersey shore satan - 6552878848
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Good vs. Evil

failbook g rated Jedi jesus satan sith star wars - 5844576768
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The Only Endorsement of Donald Trump You Need

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Man of the Cloth

god satan spelling your friends are laughing at you - 4703969024
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friendzone magic satan - 6531628288
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Like If You Love Butt-ritos

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Thnks fr th Wrnng!

satan failbook - 7841475584
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My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got the Blood of the Innocent

Music conspiracy satan what nicki minaj failbook - 8422926592
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Times Satan's Twitter account was a dark humored laughing factory.

10 Times Satan's Twitter Account Was a Dark-Humored Laugh Factory

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Enough to Convince Me to Convert to Satinism

satan satin ugly - 6445671168
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god heaven christian atheists satan - 7073982976
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Anyone Recognize That Zipcode?

phone number satan phone failbook g rated - 8422053888
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To Return That Call, or Not...

satan phone - 8343980288
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Theology Level: None

satan evil satin spelling - 7001752576
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Satan or Santa?

christmas facepalm santa satan spelling - 5600711936
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