17 Invigorating Tumblr Posts That'll Just Speak To You

Dammit Tumblr, always delivering the sass. And honestly, who couldn't use a little more sass in their lives? BUT - there is way more than just sass on there: Tumblr has it all. We collected all the funniest Tumblr posts right here for you to enjoy. Cringe, wtf, laugh-cry, rofl, smh, chuckle, snort. The little gold nuggets of hilarity that make the day worth it. Come and find your gold nuggets, my little oompa loompas. Enjoy!

invigorating sassy tumblr posts | official-estonia If having bad day, remember 16th century Baltic Germans dressed like this: illustration of people dressed in pastel colored robes that cover them completely. officialunitedstates wife is pregnant, due any day suddenly contractions start "CAN'T, WON'T HAVEN'T, DON'T, ISN'T" she says mememic-bry "doc appears contractions are worsening nurse says between breaths wife gasps and screeches Y'ALL'D'VE"
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