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Yorkdale's Fashion Santa is Killing It This Season

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Lucky Mall Santa

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BBC Announces Santa Isn't Real, Invokes Blind Rage From People, Instantly Backtracks Saying It Was 'Fake News'

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And His Reindeer Are Suspects in a Hit-and-Run Case

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Let's Hope it's a Long List!

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Santa Stuffed Something Very Special into Your Stocking...

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Satan or Santa?

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If Santa Comes at the King, He Best Not Miss

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Tequila Shots Out of a Stripper's Belly Button?

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Better Watch Out, You Better Not Like...

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Going for a New Record

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Allah the Above

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W/e santa u dont knO me

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The Satan/Santa Connection

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These Kids' Letters to Santa Are Definitely Being Sent Off to the North Pole Sealed With Their Parent's Tears of Laughter

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