Tell That to the Pharaohs

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Created by Jaime Rossiter

The Numbers Game is Not Helping With the Mourning

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Created by Unknown

Pro Tip: At Least Read the First Comment

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Created by Employed98

We've Got a T-Rex, This Guy's Got a Loose Screw

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Via alienshoes

They'll Be Dead for at Least a Few Weeks!

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Created by Unknown

Rest in ______

grammar Death rip - 4855283712
Created by Unknown

Is Five Years too Soon for This One?

michael jackson rip - 8235062272
Created by He Hate Me
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This Dude's Facebook Complaint to Tesco Is the Best Thing on the Internet

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RIP Google and Good Taste

facepalm robin williams rip - 8285080832
Created by leannsingh

Don't Jinx Her!

Death grandma funeral rip - 7303222528
Created by FrigginRags

A Moment of Silence for Sean

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Via DeepFriedGrapes

This Post is Killing me Softly

Via jillycheesesteak

Epitaph WIN

I see what you did there reincarnation rip - 5468387328
Created by Unknown

Wouldn't We All Want to Be Remembered This Way?

twerking rip grave failbook - 8074650112
Created by Unknown

But What About the ISSUES, MAN?

gaza robin williams rip politics - 8285409536
Created by Unknown

Trolling Begets Trolling

fake trolling steven spielberg rip - 8252954880
Created by Unknown
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