girl died her hair
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We've Got Bad News for You, Friend

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Is Five Years too Soon for This One?

michael jackson rip - 8235062272
By He Hate Me

We Will Always Remember Your Famous Book, "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

facepalm maya angelou twitter rip - 8203500288
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No History, No Problems

facepalm maya angelou rip - 8205815552
By Burmy87

Epitaph WIN

I see what you did there reincarnation rip - 5468387328
By Unknown

Taken too Soon, but That's Just the Way it is

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Extra Crispy Sadness

rip irony morbid - 8475208704
By John H

You Couldn't Even Wait a Day?

bad idea cars robin williams rip - 8285941760
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We've Got a T-Rex, This Guy's Got a Loose Screw

celeb rip jurassic park - 8300035840
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Verified Goodbye

verified goodbye to prince from Michael Jackson
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RIP Google and Good Taste

facepalm robin williams rip - 8285080832
By leannsingh

Time to Add This to the Will

stripper what funeral rip weird failbook - 8455392256
By Freckles327

Truth, Justice, and No Spoon

the matrix what rip - 8285378560
By Unknown

Pro Tip: At Least Read the First Comment

facepalm relationship status rip tldr - 4632302336
By Employed98
twitter FAIL facebook reactions rip funny - 1135109

Facebook Low-Key Thinks Everyone is Dead, and People Are Reacting How You'd Expect Them To

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