Tip Your Server, They'll Be Performing All Week!

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Slipknot Tips Not

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Someone Finally Got Tired of People Giving Shitty Reviews About Their Bar and in a Totally (Un)Professional Move, Defended Themselves Online

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Loud Girls Are Loud

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Vegan restaurant freaks out at its customers on Facebook after they leave a ton of brutal negative reviews about their food.

Vegan Restaurant Goes Nuclear On Facebook After Bad Reviews, Starts Destroying Customers

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They're Lucky She Didn't Do the Same With The Tip

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Then Spaghetti Fell Out of My Pockets

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This Thread Is Giving Me A Haddock

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Shane is Ordering Something a Little Extra With His Sushi Roll

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What Did You Expect to Hear?

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Friends, Potential Partners, Anyone!

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Lying Karen customer review gets destroyed by owner's response | Cowshed at Hucknall COWSHED 1 d Hi Jo, thanks reaching out love feedback, whether be positive or negative especially love feedback like this so others can see type people have deal with sometimes. First all ll address 700 and party claim have spent now both know this isn't true don't Jo s not even remotely accurate as spent, but l'll crunch numbers Our most expensive pizza on menu is £9.00, this means if ordered only pizzas have

Lying Karen Gets Decimated By Owner's Response

Don't tell lies, Karen.
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A Nice, Cool Glass of OUCH

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That Awkward Moment When You See Your Awkward Moment Documented and Displayed on the Internet

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Dine and dash diva gets taken down by pro revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/Vast_Seaworthiness 1d 1 1 1 1 2 8 1 Dine n' Dash Diva Gets She Deserves. My group friends have been together quite some time, at least starting end middle school majority us ended up going same college, so good us. Anyway, one our "friends" has been acting unreasonably and starting drama fun been slowly building up about year.

Dine N' Dash Diva Gets Her Comeuppance

Dee sounds like a nightmare.
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A restaurant owner completely squashes a fake bad review | Hi L an here, one an appreciate have taken time leave this review experience Bull yesterday but would like point out few issues with critique experience conveniently omitted owners review.

Choosing Beggar Leaves Fake Bad Review, Restaurant Owner Responds

Beautifully handled.
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