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The Gentlemen's Rant: Facebook

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funny rant on twitter about promise rings

Dude Goes on Twitter Rage Rant After Girl Brags About Her Boyfriend Getting Her Promise Rings

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Why I Unfriended You

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By tonyfleming

A Texan Cop is in Hot Water After Posting This Food Stamp Rant (With Casual Violent Threat Attached)

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Idiotic guy goes on Facebook rant and lies about having a cheap date.

Idiotic Guy Goes on Facebook Rant About "Cheap Date", Gets Publicly Shamed and Called Out By Same Date

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Scottish guy goes on Twitter rant about how everyone in the world is eating their eggs wrong.

Scottish Dude Goes On Epic Twitter Rant About How Everyone Eats Their Eggs Wrong

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internet beef between kanye west and wizz khalifa

The Best Part of the Kanye/Khalifa Twitter Beef, Wasn’t Even Their Actual Beef

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Sinead O’Connor Is 100% Convinced That Arsenio Hall Killed Prince

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Angry mom goes on Facebook rant about how her son doesn't have to share with other kids.

People Are Beside Themselves Over This Mom's Facebook Rant About How Her Kid Doesn't Have to Share

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Facebook Rant of The Day: Man With Unfortunate Name is Sick and Tired of Your Jokes

Facebook Rant of The Day: Man With Unfortunate Name is Sick and Tired of Your Jokes
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Guy goes on ridiculous Twitter rant about why libraries are the best.

Angry Guy Goes On Ridiculously Inspired Rant About Why Libraries Are The BEST

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This Went From Angry to Insane Real Fast

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Via Reddit
Mom goes on Facebook rant about how her daughter is done doing homework in school.

Mom Goes On Passionate Rant About How Her Daughter's Done With Doing Homework

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In Case You Needed Another Reason to Delete Your Facebook

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drugs rant parenting Video - 302599

One Mother's Comedic Rant About School Awareness Weeks is Spot On and Parents on Facebook are Loving it

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Monrole Models

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By Unknown
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