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A Woman Named Beyoncé Gets Help From All the Other Unfortunately-Named on the Internet


This Random Act of Kindness at a Denny's was Genuinely Heartwarming

win facebook image man pays for families at dennys after losing his own
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Doing a Good Deed for a Child in Need

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No, You're Thinking of the British Twin From "The Parent Trap"

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Taylor Swift Gives a Fan a Heartfelt Message About Bullying

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The Kindness of One Target Employee is a Reminder To Us All to Have Patience

heartwarming parenting image mother tells story of patience from Target employee
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Someone is Hiding Cash All Over the San Francisco Bay Area. Ready to Go for a Scavenger Hunt?

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After Getting Shamed in a Dance Club, Over 1500 Women Want to Throw This Dude the Best Party Ever

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Facebook is Going Above and Beyond to Let Users Help Those in Trouble

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After the Unthinkable Happens, Facebook Reunites a Mom and Her Newborn

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