You Know Better Than That, Kevin

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By Anna

Nobody Say Anything, Let's Not Ruin This Beautiful Moment

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You Feel Me, Man?

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Mixed Disney Metaphors

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Learning FAIL

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By Vishal

Hiding Sources

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By JaydenSkye

None Come to the Craig Unless Through Me

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By dhoots

Really Struggling With Finding the Love Here

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This is the Facebook Equivalent to Someone Who Loves to Hear Themselves Talk

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Except This Quote Into You're Life

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By Unknown

Why, You Little Believer...

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By Bart

We Were Dead the Whole Time

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By Hungry_Munchi

"Keep That Thought in Mind" - Abraham Lincoln

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What About People That Just Want Some Butter?

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By rev_pee_kitty

Glass Half Full, Meet Glass Half Empty

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Via Acid Cow

"We Are What We Repeatedly Do"

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By Unknown
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