Jesus Crust

faith joke pun religion - 6476278528
By Unknown

At Least It Didn't Turn Imaginary

math pun - 6390389760
By Unknown


pun train - 6567136512
By Junior Troll

Rhymin' and Dyin'

beastie boys Death died pun r-i-p - 6192180992
By Unknown

Still Too Soon

beastie boys MCA pun - 6208116480
By Christopher

The Best Kind of Magnet

Cats lol pun witty reply - 4654996480
By Unknown

Choosing Your Idiom Can Be Tricky

gender pun language idioms - 8544026624
By Ecks

Lock, Stock and Bottle

bottle police pun - 6455615744
By Unknown

You're a QT Pi

facebook failbook flirting g rated math nerd pick-up lines pun social media win - 5586130176
By Paige

Sadly, That Was the Closest Our Encounter Got to a P0rno Scene

double entendre p33n pizza pun - 6472245248
By Unknown

A Picture of Mars Is Worth a 100 Grand

candy failbook g rated Mars mars rover milky way pun tweet twitter - 6488644608
By Unknown

I'm a Fig Man Myself

date dating pun relationships - 6402499584
By Unknown


hitler minecraft pun - 6149294848
By Unknown

Alex's Last Stand

baby got back books one night stand pun relationships sex - 6134670336
By ishouldtellyou

Devouring Entire Boxes at a Time

cereal killer tweet warrants perfect response
Via lmhexpIicit

Not Your Typcial Punlitical Post

pun Mitt Romney facebook politics - 8758443264
By tux_deluxe
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