Now Where's the Rocket Launcher...

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The Most Practical Prom Proposal Yet

guy asks himself out to prom twitter
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The Good Old Days

pr0n prom - 7308722432
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An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

invitation marijuana prom win witty reply - 4751565312
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Pink, We Need to Remind You of Something...

miley cyrus prom - 7765642496
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Behold, the Irresistible Promposal of the Baby Pangolin

twitter prom animals - 8793998592
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The Dramatic Art of Finding a Prom Date

dates school prom - 8023793408
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If No One Will Date Me, I'll Date Myself

date dating mirror prom school - 6321784064
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Teenager has perfect revenge prank after getting dumped before prom.

Teen Cashed In On Perfect Revenge Prank After Getting Dumped By Prom Date

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"Website" FAIL

computer computers facepalm prom - 6208131840
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No Question Mark Needed

snow cars prom dating - 8032171776
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Glad to See You're Excited, Mr. Cage

nicolas cage prom failbook g rated - 7235508480
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Forget Celebrity Prom Dates, This High School Kid Brought an NFL Cheerleader with Him (After 10k Retweets)

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A Sure Thing

facebook prom dating - 8804242432
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