Enough With the Babies Already!

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By Unknown

Is Her Rent Late?

pregnancy rent - 6143898368
By soundman_swobblez

Looks More Like 8 Months After the Big D...

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By RoguePisigit

The Long Shot

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By thedwarfer

Darwin is Rolling in His Grave

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By Unknown

Unplanned Parenthood

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By HystericalDame

That's Okay, Little Buddy, I Appreciate You!

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The Immaculate Conception 2.0

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By Unknown

Someone Doesn't Approve?

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By Kaschews

Now, to Tweet About it...

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That's a Fair Point...

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By Unknown

Didn't Count!

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It's a Sign of the Times

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Baby's Having Babies

Via @madting

Use Protection!

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By Unknown

Born Again Rhystians

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By Unknown