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Kid Makes Mom Think She Has to be "The Very Best" to Download Pokémon GO

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Nathan Fielder's Latest Prank Just Ended Countless Relationships

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Lol Nope, Won't Fix, Give Us Monies Pls

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new selfie trend

The Newest Selfie Trend Is to Give Yourself a High Five While Letting Your Phone Drop to the Ground

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The Best Gifts Are the Ones You Make Yourself

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People share the best pranks they've ever played in honor of Jimmy Fallon trending Twitter hashtag.

7 People Tweet Out Their Best Pranks They've Ever Done

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A Fun Way to Find Out Who to Unfriend on Facebook

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Literally Hilarious

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A Failbook Guide to Trolling epic win family Featured Fail gallery lol photos pranks win - 5091454208
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Son Secretly Replaced Photos in the House With Steve Buscemi and Mom Has Yet to Notice

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White House Staff Played Ridiculous Holiday Prank on President Obama and Twitter Made the Most out of It

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Mother of the Year

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Schoolboy Error

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