Mom Always Has the Best Sense of Humor...

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Stop, in the Name of the Me!

cops prank twitter - 8327483648
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Famed Author and Princeton Professor Joyce Carol Oates Falls for the Old "Spielberg is a Dinosaur Hunter" Joke

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His Secret Is Out

hacked prank - 6455228672

True Evil Like the World Has Never Known

accident evil cars prank - 8217488128
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We Think Alike So Much That It's Scary

scared dad prank - 6870612992
By Unknown

Riding With Strangers WIN

prank stranger win - 6461646336
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Funny troll posts from fake customer service account.

Twenty Times Trolls Of 'Customer Support' Provided Sass In Lieu Of Help

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Dad is a Sick Genius

dads prank texting Cats failbook g rated AutocoWrecks - 8087078912
By Unknown

Finally, My Phone Can Take a Swim!

bad idea phone apps prank - 8357433856
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Well, You Have Seven Days Left

phone call creepy prank - 8133076224
By Unknown

The Ex Boyfriend Strikes Back

boyfriend ex prank dating - 8047690240
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The Spouse That Wouldn't Die

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Today's April 1st. You Know What to Do.

spiders scary prank - 8130381056
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Wild and Free Forever

wrong number prank horses failbook g rated - 8282049280
By Unknown

Pepe Rolled

pepe, math, calculator, prank
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