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Just How Many Lies Will People Believe About the iPhone 6?

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I am Tyler Logan

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By CamelCase

Jokes Are All About Timing

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Weight Loss Spammers Are Turning Pinterest into Butterest

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Congrats on Your Free Sheep!

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Itchin' For A Role Model

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What Happens When You Try to Take Selfies With Strangers?

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Brothers Troll Their Entire Neighborhood by Installing a Beautiful "Monument" in Their Parent's Yard

image prank monument Brothers Troll Their Entire Neighborhood by Installing a Beautiful "Monument" in Their Parent's Yard
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Stop, in the Name of the Me!

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Your Parents Have Never Gone as Far as This

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141 Years Later, the Joke Lands

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Hands Down the Best Pranking Ever

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By curiousmissy

What, You Don't Like the Cats?

Text - oo AT&T @ 49% 00 AT&T @ 49% 7:34 PM 7:34 PM 3 Contac Messages Conta Messages 3 wDIO uave ve iur Numba Nd Told Me To Hit Her Up I'm jk it's Tinal Aye Tina Who You With? HahaHaha I Didnt Think You'd With Me Like Dat! Want Something To Keep You Satisfied For The Night?6 Hey man. Just with my cat Wtf Man You Ain't Tina Hahahah Wtf You Know A Tina? Still me man sorry Delivere No. She gave you the wrong WTF MAN!!! number dude How Many Cats You Got Bro Wtf Bro She Gave Me Your Sen Message IMessa
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Ever Wanted to Get Reported to the Police Really Quickly?

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We Call it "The Cringe Box"

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By Kittykat5279
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