I Like to Rhyme All the Time

rhyming rhyme poetry - 6659396864
Created by Jenszpazic

Music to My Ears

poetry roses are red win - 5844720384
Created by Unknown
cartoons Video poetry - 63507457

A Poem for the Internet-Obsessed

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The Joke, You Appeared to Miss it

facepalm haiku poetry failbook g rated - 8246447104
Created by jamiexoxo1

To Be Fair, That Is All People

bathroom, poetry, impressions, vandalism
Via Chezstu

Let There be a Switch!

wisdom poetry - 8236000512
Created by reggierat

Poetry Killer!

heart poem poetry - 6562466560
Created by Unknown

Sleep is Such a Tease

sleep poetry - 4640846592
Created by gkvasy

Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

flirting weather poetry snapchat failbook - 8235716352
Via Sofa Pizza

Couples Make Me Want to Polihurl

couples dating poetry Pokémon - 6211453952
Created by Lauren

Arnold Gets the Poetry He Deserves

puns Arnold Schwarzenegger poetry failbook g rated - 8234625280
Created by Kia

Pokémon Poétry

nice try oh snap poetry Pokémon - 4925999104
Created by Enigmaticize

So Dope(amine)

brain heart poetry science win - 4974234112
Created by SuJu43ver

"The Rode Not Take In"

poetry spelling your friends are laughing at you - 4437052160
Created by Unknown

What's So Hard About Five-Seven-Five?

facepalm haiku poetry - 8314157056
Via eggplnt

Good Morning, Sun-Child! The Earth Says Hello!

haiku lazy poem poetry waking up - 6157337600
Created by Unknown
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