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Text - 17 hours ago via Mobile Without my think I'd be chronically depressed This boy is fabulous and I love him to Pluto and back (see what did there cause Pluto doesn't exist so you just carry on going forever) Xoo000 Like Share 2 peoole like this.
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Twitter Rocket Scientists React To The #PlutoFlyBy Mission

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Pluto is Now a Star

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Source: Science

Cartoon - + Somebody Tried To Tell Me There Was 50 States In America. Nuh Uh Cause The Scientists Found Out That Pluto Dont Exist. We Got 49 Dumbass.
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Pluto, A Planet?

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Unless Your Thesis Is About "Your Mom" Jokes ...

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The Search for Intelligent Life Goes On

Text - Lysett O.O!! Wtf Pluto not a planet no more?! :O when this happen? Lol feel slow, and im in college. O.o? 35 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile Like Comment Jessical I like this and Rebeca Esa what is it then? a star? Rene 33 minutes ago Like 1 person Idk what it is, but it's not a planet anymore.. Its Lysett just a round thing floating there lol 31 minutes ago Like Rebeca its a moon dumbyz! 23 minutes ago Like 1person we got two moons? 22 minutes ago Like 1person Rene Maximus Smh 21 minutes
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