Use Pizza to Get Sex, Then I'll Be Impressed

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Sadly, That Was the Closest Our Encounter Got to a P0rno Scene

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Internet's Caught Up In Heated Debate Over Peeps on Pizza After Crazy Dude Shares Disgusting Picture

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Ten times Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe made our Facebook feeds a whole lot funnier.

10 Times Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's Facebook Page Didn't Fail to Bring the High Quality Entertainment

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Pizza delivery drivers describe the weirdest things they've ever encountered | BadonkaDonkies 1y "wow he's really cute as group 3 cute college aged girls opened door around same age as them so made feel fantastic as low self esteem big issue back then They only tipped remainder 20 total $19.48, and looking back on did they expect hear their comment and not tip But at time had so much more pep my step, atleast remainder day haha

Weirdest Encounters Pizza Delivery Drivers Had

Never know what's behind that door.
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We Deserve The Truth, And With Multiple Toppings!

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DiGiorno Pizza Makes a Colossal Gaffe and Accidentally Promotes Domestic Abuse-Flavored Pie

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Free Stuff of the Day: A Baltimore Pizza Shop Needs Toilet Paper, Will Take Your Ray Rice Jerseys

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A Joke That's Getting Crusty

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Hot, Fresh Pizza Served Daily in the Friend Zone

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A collection of images showing people struggle through life.

18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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DiGiorno Decided to Go All-Out With Wrestling Live-Tweets, Because Social Media

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Hey Baby, Wanna... Uhh... Go Back to Your... Err... My Place?

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How Pizza Works

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That was Mighty Neighborly of Them

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Extra Cheese and Fat Stacks

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