The Truth Hurts

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Yo Momma is UGL- oh... nvm.

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But That Wasn't The Problem

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Created by SakuraFubuki92

Reasons to Turn Off Facebook

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Did I Forget to Mention My Third Hand?

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Created by Wolfdarling

We Could Have Been so Happy!

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Immediately Unfriend

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Baby Blue and Gunmetal Brown

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It's About Time!

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Created by Landon Bixler
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These Dads Have Taken Upon Themselves to Make Photobombing an Art, and It's Glorious

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Work on a Better Reason

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Created by dallas94bass

The Accuracy Games

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Right Behind His Back

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Created by MayorOfKenya

She Really Needs to Figure It Out

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Jeeps Need to be Changed Monthly

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Created by Sureiyaa

He'll Never Be Clean Again

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Via Wthtcat
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