Classic: It's All Real Beefcake

fake photoshop failbook - 8285055232
Via Acid Cow

Blastoise Use Photoshop! It's Super Effective!

Pokémon facepalm photoshop - 8504393472
Created by Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg

A New Kind of Clickbait: Deadbait

Via mcdick69

Some People Say Photoshop, Some People Say THE PROPHECY IS FULFILLED

Via RampanToast

Just Like That, Photo Magic!

dogs photoshop shark trolled failbook - 8061111552
Created by mrfalkner
FAIL Hillary Clinton photoshop funny politics - 1214213

Twitter Account is Dedicated to Tracking the Elusive 'Hillary Clinton in the Wild' and It's Pure Greatness

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Few Nights Out are as Stunning as New Years Eve

drunk new years photo turned into art
Via Roland Hughes
james fridman photohop troll

This Guy's Photoshop Skills are in High Demand for Shaming Terrible People Who are Also Technologically Challenged

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The Mythical Horse Dog

photoshop dogs horse failbook g rated - 6997148672
Created by Sicarii

Such a Tourist Cliche

cringe Awkward photoshop - 8425127680
Via Brown Cardigan

You Want to Try It?

swimming photoshop - 7608075264
Created by Unknown

Someday We'll All Learn How to Photoshop Less Obviously

Via kvaltx

Way to Crack That Joke

egg photoshop puns - 8204250368
Created by Unknown

Epic Photoshop/Imaginary Girlfriend FAIL

forever alone cringe photoshop relationships dating failbook - 7016349440
Created by Unknown

If Only There Was a Program for That...

twitter facepalm photoshop - 8387128064
Via SummChick

Never Mind the Message, Why is the Queen Here?

dad jokes photoshop what failbook - 8193647616
Via i-am-solo-dolo
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