phones gifs prank - 8151010816
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There's a Thing for That: It's Called a Camera

phones technology cameras - 7897775360
Created by Unknown

Mom Had a Lot of Fun in the 60s

twitter phones prank texting failbook g rated - 8111526912

Are We Going Shopping?

mean girls grandma phones texting - 8167395584
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Do We Need to Just Take the Phones Away From the Kids Today?

forever alone phones school failbook g rated - 8175189248
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"I'm Sorry, Can You Repeat That Question BUTT SLAYER?"

phones whoops siri - 8069735680
Created by Shepy

No Phone, Except for the Part That's Phone Stuff

phones facepalm irony - 8096829184
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battery phones Video - 59992577

This Superpowered Battery Charger is Going to be the Wave of the Future

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All That Pesky Social Interaction? No Thanks.

phones introverts - 8193349376
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Talk to the Pocket Because the Face Doesn't Want to Listen

butt dial facetime phones failbook g rated - 8143167232
Created by vandemusser

Your "Other Half" is Wine, as it Should Be

alcohol phones autocorrect wine AutocoWrecks - 8133692672

You First...

phones Hypocrisy - 8015269632
Created by Unknown

They Made Some Sort of Satanic Sacrifice

phones satan talking failbook g rated - 4756441600
Created by kaizokushinobi

You Have a Point...

cops phones - 7963654144
Created by Unknown

The Phone That Keeps on Giving

nokia phones - 8175192320
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That's Your Own Ducking Problem

phones autocorrect cursing swears - 8240724480
Created by Daffy
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