No One Can POSSIBLY Crack the Code Now!

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Just Keep on Trucking, You Duck

autocorrect AutocoWrecks cursing phones failbook - 8095938304
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It is Both Replaced and Not Replaced

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"I'm Sorry, Can You Repeat That Question BUTT SLAYER?"

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By Shepy

Mom Had a Lot of Fun in the 60s

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Don't Lie, We Understand

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Do We Need to Just Take the Phones Away From the Kids Today?

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Forgetting to Take Your Oxygen Tank While Diving

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Music phones ringtone Video failbook - 60260865

If You Recognize These Old Phone Ringtones, You've Been Around for a Minute

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Too Bad There Isn't an Online Media Platform You Can Use to Share Information...

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People Suck!

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These Women Will Stop for One Thing, and One Thing Only

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You Seem Confused

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I Believe I Can Phone

airplane facepalm phones probably fake - 8176322816
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twitter phones FAIL trolling technology - 1286149

Troll Renames Flight Wi-Fi 'Galaxy Note 7' and Angry Passengers Live-Tweet the Terrible Experience

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This Superpowered Battery Charger is Going to be the Wave of the Future

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