phone number

Hey there, can I have your digits? A phone number is a powerful piece of information not to be given lightly. From crazy exes to endless prank calls and telemarketers, the pitfalls are numerous. So try to avoid all that and laugh at those who missed the signs and ended up making themselves into a meme.

Anyone Recognize That Zipcode?

phone number satan phone failbook g rated - 8422053888
Via Acid Cow

Deadmau5 - 1, Skrillex - 0

Deadmau5 failbook Featured Fail oh snap phone number skrillex u mad win - 5832774656
Created by greg ( Via twitter )

Fone Facepalm

phone number facepalm - 6922628608
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry, We'll Fax You

phone number blonde facepalm - 8374878720
Via corrigun

Trolls get Troll'd

oh snap oops phone number privacy trololo - 5537040896
Created by twogap

What is, "That's Not How Jeopardy! Works?"

Jeopardy game show wheel of fortune phone number facepalm relationships - 8444207872
Created by Unknown

Why Is It So Hard to Keep Friends?

math phone number unfriend - 5140968960
Created by asi_ka

This Happens FAR Too Often

phone number um - 4928228608
Created by KyokoKensei

Common Sense, Indeed.

common sense phone number public text - 5159028480
Created by Unknown

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