Maybe Some People Shouldn't Have Pets

dogs pets Sad vet failbook - 8416665856
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Everything Looks Normal to Me...

whoops pets for sale spelling - 8398796800
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funny tweets

Funniest Animal Tweets: The Special Halloween Version

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Birthday Greetings From Those You Love!

dogs pets birthday burn - 8390625536
Created by jc2581

Myth Plausible

pets rabbit failbook g rated - 8063437056
Created by Unknown

Anybody Want a Free Fish Assassin?

pets for sale free stuff failbook g rated - 8433979904
Created by Hannis

A Former WWE Star Gives His Pet Goat the Best Name

twitter goat wwe pets puns failbook g rated - 8090860288
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That Dog is About to Get Shreked

dogs pets shrek failbook g rated - 8074719744
Created by nickknack04

Please Please Please Let This be a Jokey "Account Hacked" Post

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You've Gotta be Kidding Me

goat pets kid prank failbook - 8480574976
Created by CharlieEmma

One Pup, Pup for Sale!

dogs pets for sale trade - 8329636608
Created by Xero


chores lube pets sexy times TMI - 3271820544
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awkward moments Cats pets TMI - 3326321152
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Nah, They Just Get Tax Breaks Instead

dogs pets autocomplete - 8205171456
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Things Flowing a Bit Differently This Month?

dogs pets gross that time of the month - 8242173952
Created by crow

He's Going to the Grocery Store, He'll Be Right Back!

captain obvious pets Cats - 8003728128
Created by Unknown
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