Do You Plug it in for Her?

snapchat phone parentbook iphone - 8417184768
Via giraffaholic

Grandma Knows More Than We Think, and That's Terrifying

sexy times grandma Oversharing parentbook - 8153396224
Created by Unknown

Dad Loves One Thing and One Thing Only

Via Brown Cardigan

Wait, How Would Dad Know Anything About This?

dads parentbook Overshare oh god why - 8214433536
Created by Unknown

Mom Present, Abandon Thread!

whoops parentbook mom - 8086493696
Created by Unknown

Dad Really Liked Guardians of the Galaxy, God Help Us All

dads guardians of the galaxy parentbook sexy times - 8293326080
Created by Bearclaw

But Can Your Dad Stop the Smell of the Place?

Via 22 Words

Thanks for the Bad Tidings, Grandma

grandma what parentbook family - 8256299264
Created by Unknown

Now to Put These in the Scrapbook...

old people technology parentbook failbook g rated - 8328476160
Via Acid Cow

Curse You, Genetics!

moms parentbook Overshare - 8213671424
Created by Sword

Parents Will ALWAYS Find a Way to Embarrass the Kids

embarrassing parenting parentbook selfie failbook g rated - 8386412288
Via Wiser-time

Grandma is Not Impressed With Your Style

grandma parentbook burn - 8485620736
Created by Unknown

What's "Tricky" is Getting These Thoughts Out of My Head

boyfriend parentbook Overshare sexy times - 8395683328
Created by Haylee Cook

Ten Seconds of Lying to Your Parents

school snapchat parentbook - 8361299456
Via TheAxis_

Taste-Tested, Grandma Approved!

accidental sexy food parentbook - 8261274368
Created by Shannon

Have a Seat and Let Me Tell Everyone How You Were Conceived, Son

moms Oversharing parentbook - 8101986048
Created by wolfdragon13
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