Some Help YOU Are, Department Stores

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Facebook Has Really Changed You, Doris

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Parents Just Don't Understand Satire

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By Failbook Frank

Thanks for the Input, Grandma

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Greeting at the Pearly Gates

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Sally Has a Long Way to Go on the Internet

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Grandma Knows More Than We Think, and That's Terrifying

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By Unknown

Some People Just Weren't Meant to Internet

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Never Trust Mom and Pops With Phone Photography

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Social Media Warfare, but That's Just the Power of Pine Sol, Baby!

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By Elizabeth

In Grandpa's Day They Would Last Him a Whole Year

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Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

Awkward grandma parentbook Valentines day - 8446818048
By planx9

The Password is... Password

old people password parentbook - 8237112320
By CheaperChicken

And on That Day There Were Enough Plungers to Unplug the Multitudes

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By Unknown

Thank GOODNESS You Have an Oversharing Mom With No Shame!

facepalm parentbook Overshare passive aggressive failbook - 8422051840
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Grandma is Not Impressed With Your Style

grandma parentbook burn - 8485620736
By Unknown
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