Watch Out for Amorous Skunks

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Facebook in 2006

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That Horribly Slippery Slope

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You Know You're Old When ...

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Collection of tweets about things that happen to you when you grow up and get older.

21 Tweets About Getting Old That'll Make You Feel Old As Dirt Itself

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You're Never Too Old to Troll

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Old People Who Take Facebook Too Seriously

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Back to the Future IV: Dammit We're Old

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You Should Never Be Too Old for a Happy Meal

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Background Checks

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Hence SOPA

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Grandma Learns More About Facebook

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Wait You Guys, What Happened BEFORE 2,012 Years Ago?

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How to Laugh and Be Sad at the Same Time

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They Said I Could Be Anything, But I Never Asked for This

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