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The Downside of Seat Warmers

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Created by DreadStorm

Steven Tyler, Old Enough to be Everyone's Dad Forever, Determined to Skeeve Out Young People on Twitter

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What if Facebook Had Microtransactions for Likes?

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Maybe We've Failed as a Human Species

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We've Reached Peak Delusional With This Guy

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Created by DeviousBadgerr

They Say You Only Get Served Ads Based on Your Search History...

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Nope, Don't Wanna Believe

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You Learn Things About Yourself When You're Drunk

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Sexting and Emoji, Like Oil and Water

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Can't Read, Cringing too Hard

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There's Something to be Said About Leaving a Little Mystery in Your Life...

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Created by dontlaughtoohard

There Are No Words for This

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Time to Go Clean Out My Brain

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We're Going to Kindly Ask You to Stop Doing This, Buzzfeed

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How Not to Comfort Someone at the Dentist's Office

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