Lookback Reminds You of the Good Times AND the Embarrassing Times

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By Unknown

Inspiration From the Past

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By Ophelia_not_Hamlet

Huh, Turns Out We're All Older Than We Think

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By Unknown

Turns Out Nostalgia Isn't That Great

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By Unknown

The Real Reason People Care About High School Reunions

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By Marlin
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If Facebook Were Invented in the '90s

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Don't Remind Me

math is hard nostalgia - 6039802112
By Can subtract 2001 from 2012
cringeworthy vintage ads empowering women or lack thereof

27 Vintage Ads You Wouldn't Believe Were Actually Real

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This Guy Knew How the Classroom Games Worked

Via Mandylost

Maybe We Should Reevaluate These Power Rangers Villains

90s power rangers nostalgia - 8178085376
By goofy2485

Clearly Someone Wasn't a le 90s Kid XD

Via machinegecko

The Key to Immortality: Headphones

Via Acid Cow

We're Only Laughing at This to Keep From Sobbing Uncontrollably

twitter nostalgia failbook g rated - 8274032896
Via drewtoothpaste

Let's Go Back to Sit-Ins and Inequality, Please!

nostalgia facepalm kids these days failbook g rated - 8168987392
By Unknown

How to Train Your Destroyer of Childhoods

nostalgia failbook g rated - 8226118400
By TheSlothBase

Hang On Guys, Gotta Let My Myspace Friends Hear About This

90s Music nostalgia - 8306034688
By Unknown
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