A Novelty Twitter Account Lets Us See What "Doug" Would Look Like in 2014

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#RuinAChildrensBook is the Twitter Trend of the Day That Will Ruin Everything You've Ever Loved

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Here Comes the Mmmbop

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Via Bro My God
cringeworthy vintage ads empowering women or lack thereof

27 Vintage Ads You Wouldn't Believe Were Actually Real

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How to Train Your Destroyer of Childhoods

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By TheSlothBase

We're Only Laughing at This to Keep From Sobbing Uncontrollably

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If She Can't Hunt Ducks...

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By nuclearbastard

Says the Person Who Never Had Any Idea How the 50s Were

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Even if You Were a Fetus, You Can Have Unwarranted 90s Nostalgia!

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The Early 2000s Should Feel Bad for Providing This Terrible Fashion Advice

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Some of You Might Not Even Know What This Felt Like

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Via MSN Memories

Can Pogs be Used as Currency?

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By Simon

The Real Reason She Was Always a "Guest" Character

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Via Theblvcksheep

We're All Voyagers in a Phallic Galaxy

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By Belligerence

Strap on Your Moon Boots and Try to Reach the Heights of This Brave Man

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Via Literally Unbelievable

Only 90s Kids Will Remember This Class Action Suit

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Via Literally Unbelievable
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