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This Woman Sees Your Motherhood Challenge and (Doesn't) Raise You (Or Anyone Else)

funny facebook image woman changes motherhood challenge to something more relaxing
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Yeah, Why Pay for a Good Job When You Can Infect Yourself?

Text - 13 hrs A Why would i pay for a piercing when i can just do it myself? Like - Comment - Share like this.
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You'll Always Check Your Rental Car After Reading This Live-Tweeting of a Nightmare Discovery

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We Just Threw Up in Our Mouths too!

Text - Why didn't anyone tell me we get fungus on our toenails? I just chewed mine off and they still had some on them. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 1 like Like Comment Share


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The Bike Rider's Guide to the Galaxy

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Lol Nope, Won't Fix, Give Us Monies Pls

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By theimaginaryduck
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A MONSTER Python Snuck Into This Australian House and We're Talkin' Serious Nightmare Fuel

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This is Conversational Terrorism, DO NOT RESPOND

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Finger-Licking Fingers

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This is Bloody Terrible

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Dedicated to Jesus, and Convoluted Facebook Arguments

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