He Likes to Space Travel in His Spare Time, Get Over It

mars rover nasa Mars curiosity - 6745139200
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A Flat Earther's Completely Reasonable List Of Demands

nasa failbook facebook space - 8971410944
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We Want to Believe - Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers NASA space battles covered up by thunderstorms they invented?
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Space Olympics

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NASA Didn't See Honey Boo Boo Coming

nasa honey boo-boo failbook g rated - 7037331200
By gigi64

Oh Chris, We Love You No Matter What Your Inverse Gravitational Proportionality Is

nasa chris hadfield weight Gravity funny space failbook g rated - 7510479872
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Yes, He's Stupid... And He's Not the Only One...

government nasa the onion - 7950105600
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American Apparel Gets a History Lesson the Hard Way

nasa cringe inappropriate 4th of july - 8244271872
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When This Young Boy Called Out Wanting to Report on NASA's Next Rocket Launch and NASA Responded

facebook cute Human of New York posts gets response from NASA
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Science Don't Real

nasa evolution science failbook g rated - 7074409984
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Nothing is Sadder Than the Comments on NASA's Facebook

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Why Complain, Sounds Like the Perfect Time to Binge Watch Some TV!

science nasa hoax - 8372387840
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Obama is Taking the Battle With Terrorism to Space?

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NASA Added a 13th Astrology Sign and People Don't Know Who They Are Anymore

image nasa astrology
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Yahoo Answers: NASA! Get on This, Please!

Yahoo Answers Nasa Can go to the sun at night, better than winter.
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Shatner Checks in on What NASA is Up to

nasa twitter William Shatner failbook g rated - 8277732608
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