Don't Even Get Me Started on "Waterworld"

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By ichc.chrispeeler

One Caused the Deaths of Half a Million Americans, the Other Freed the Slaves

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By Unknown

A Great Dilemma

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By Three_Claws

Zero Derp Thirty

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By Unknown

Ian Malcom on the New "Jurassic World"

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By Unknown

And Then Everyone Jumped Into a Womb

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By Unknown

This is Why We Can't Share Nice Things in the Smartphone Age

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Via Death Bulge

The Accuracy Games

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By Unknown

Hollywood Loves to Recycle

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By redheadedtechie

Arnold Doesn't ALWAYS Play a Soulless Machine, Come on Now

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By cdthorn
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Adding a Movie to Another Movie Just to Ruin it is Actually More Fun Than Seeing Them

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Ryan Reynolds has the perfect response on Twitter to a teen trying to get back to an ex.

Ryan Reynolds Has the Perfect Response to Teen Trying to Get Back at Ex

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By Unknown

Wow, That Was Fast

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By Kathryn

Hipster Grandma Saw it in 1912

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By Unknown

Is This Real Life?

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By Zombiluv
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