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Twitter Reacts to Spider-Man Homecoming's Decision For Zendaya As Mary Jane Watson

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Night of the Living Dong

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By ladykartoffel

Great, Now I'm Going to Think About The End and Cry

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By Unknown
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Clown of the Day: Twitter Is Laughing at Pennywise’s New Look in the “It” Remake

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Throwing Stones in Glass Movie Houses

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By Unknown

A Great Dilemma

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By Three_Claws

The Best Film Never Made

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Via ThebabyAteMyDingo

What a Bunch of Idiots, This is From "Chasing Amy!"

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Via Reddit

Arnold Doesn't ALWAYS Play a Soulless Machine, Come on Now

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By cdthorn

It Was an Actual List?

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By zhiggins72

Crappy Films

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By Mr Brown


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By Unknown

I Love This Game!

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By Unknown

If Sci-Fi Movies Were More Scientifically Accurate

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By Unknown

Reservoir Timeline

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By freshjive420
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