Mitt Romney

Mind = Blown

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By Unknown

Trap Her, Keep Her

Mitt Romney election 2012 barack obama presidential debate joe biden paul ryan staples coupons - 6680847616
By Unknown

Missing the Point

obama Romney election 2012 barack obama Mitt Romney election - 6663403776
By Amber

How Will the Kids Learn?

Sesame Street PBS Mitt Romney Debates election 2012 barack obama - 6637664256
By waterfish

The Biggest Threat Facing America: ManBooPig

honey boo-boo Mitt Romney barack obama - 6679328512
By Cody Carena
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Of Course Mitt Romney Will Read Mean Tweets About Himself

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Not Gonna Lie, I'm Impressed...

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By Unknown

I'm Just Sayin'

failbook g rated gay LGBT Mitt Romney tweet twitter - 6453154816
By Unknown

The Pictures Look a Little Grainy

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By Unknown

Generic Political Rant!

Mitt Romney barack obama election 2012 election voting - 6695467264
By Brooke23

The Ultimate Poetic Justice Zing

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By Unknown

Now That's Using Your Brain

election 2012 Mitt Romney nicki minaj - 6568659712
By Unknown

The War on Druggeds

election 2012 obama barack obama Romney Mitt Romney United Nations politics - 6640075520
By Unknown

Not Your Typcial Punlitical Post

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By tux_deluxe

These Are Fairly One-Sided Issues

debate barack obama Mitt Romney presidential debate Debates - 6699263488
By Unknown

Now That You Mention It... Yeah!

Mitt Romney election 2012 barack obama election voting - 6720640512
By Unknown
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