Super Helpful

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By Unknown

It's Practically Like the Real Thing!

call of duty military failbook g rated - 8001857536
By Unknown

Defending Our Defenders

defriended Featured Fail military oh snap - 5258804992
By TaraDefies

I Swear, When Obi Wan Dies, He Just Sorta Becomes a Robe...

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By Unknown

Self-Flying Planes, Sure. Automatic Cameras? IMPOSSIBLE.

Via The_Mods_Are_Jews

Sentimental Soldier

lol military your friends are jerks - 4829170176
By Unknown

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Revisited

army air conditioning soldiers military sick burn - 4642164224
By Kaylahn

Just Ask the Big One Upstairs, Sure

twitter religion military - 8381244416
By edewitt1

Classic: English 101 is at 0600, Recruit

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By Unknown

Something Tells Me That's Not as Fun as You Think it Is

Via wobr-J

I Bet He Got "Strait" A's Too

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By blarburg1

The Grunt Probably Has You Beat Here

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By Bryant A. Scott


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By Unknown

To Protect and Serve up a Serious Grammar Burn

military failbook grammar burn
Via paulinarodriguez

This is About as 'Merican as it Gets

merica fire military failbook g rated - 8125882624
By Chris_tuffer

Maybe You Should Learn How to Spell

military obama spelling - 5081205248
By Unknown
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