It's Nice to Know You Care

screen grab of a guy who broke his leg and then posted about it on Facebook, from his microwave
By Unknown

More Importantly...

microwave ouch technology wait what wtf - 4904853504
By Unknown

I Don't Know Who You Are... But GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

microwave - 6701699584
By Unknown

The Lord of the Tubers Returns

microwave potato tumblr - 8255345152
Via Know Your Meme

Instant Cats! Just Add Water!

Cats microwave - 6175853056
By Stephen Williamson

Microwave Time is Different from the Time You and I Experience

time facepalm microwave - 8329853952
By Michael Lawrie

Your Dream of a Freezerwave Will Never Come True

facepalm microwave - 8047581184
Via Reddit

Consider That Myth (And My Phone) Busted

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648
By Unknown

Egg <strike>on Her Face</strike> Everywhere

cooking facepalm microwave your friends are laughing at you - 4849724160
By RockyRock

Microwave Privileges: Revoked

microwave facepalm what life hacks failbook g rated - 8416666368
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Did Somebody Say Free Stuff?

pro tip trolling sun free stuff microwave failbook g rated - 8449776384
By Unknown

Inventing Time Travel With the Help of a Microwave

Text - 12 hrs 4 If you put 60 seconds on the microwave its different than putting 1:00 twice. 60+60=1:20 but 1:00 + 1:00 is 2:00. I know its confusing but hopefully this helps with your cooking. Like · Comment - Share 6 Samantha A Hamel and 21 others like this. | feel you on thiss Like - Reply · 12 hrs | Are you slow? | Like - Reply 65-11 hrs Um. You're kidding right? Like - Reply 62.11 hrs What??? some people didnt know this and be burning the shit outta pizza rolls Imaoo000 Like · Reply 11 hrs
Via FrailRain

Hot-Po... Phone???

phone apple microwave iphone failbook g rated - 5010501888
By William

Son, I Am Disappoint

cooking microwave pot - 6235393024

What is This "Stove" You Speak Of?

microwave - 4881801216
By techypiano

Patience is a Virtue

patience microwave - 6818365952
By Unknown
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