men vs women

Men vs women - the age old question, competition, and ultimate rivalry. Who is better? Who is superior? The answer is subjective and will never be answered, because everyone is special, unique, and better at something. That doesn't mean you can't laugh at people trying to prove it one way or the other though.

Behind Every Sexy Girlfriend Pic There's a Desperate Boyfriend

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Frape: Girls vs. Boys

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You Know Your Spelling Sucks When...

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Trouser Genetics

dude parts men vs women - 8247990784
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He Has a Point There...

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Such a Brave, Visionary, View of Women

brave wisdom rebel men vs women - 8377203200
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We Call it "The Metamorphosis"

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You're Going to Build Such a Great Life Together...

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You Don't Even Need to Keep Reading After This Contradiction in the Second Sentnece

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What if I Just Really Love Lavender? ANSWER ME, OLD SPICE.

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The Corpus Callosum is a Woman's Most Beautiful Organ

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If You Talk Like This Guy, Don't Be Surprised if You're Alone on Valentine's Day

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It's Conversations Like This That Prove We Have a Long Way to Go as a Species

men vs women debate please stop - 8094029568
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Would You "Like" to Have Sex With Me?

attention like men vs women sex status - 5250095360
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Survival Journal, Day Three of "The Move-in"

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