It Totally Works, Except for the Part Where it Doesn't Work!

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And That Flu You Have? Just Get Some Ginger.

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"Don't Rely on Doctors to Heal You"

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We Don't Need Treatment, Just Our Imaginations!

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Don't Hold Out on Us, UK!

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Yeah, Finally...

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anti-vaxxer moms on facebook

5 Times Moms Went Full Anti-Vaxxer

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A collection of images showing people struggle through life.

18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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People Really Need to be More Open to Total Quack Pseudo-Science

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And That's Store Credit, Remember

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Mr. Whiskers is the Root of All Problems

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Medical Advice FAIL

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Cafemom is Clearly More Reputable Than Actual Scientists and Doctors

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God Always Gets All the Credit

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Yeah? Well, 690,420 People Die From Dank Memes Every Year!

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