Samuel L Jackson Hit Foggy From Daredevil With Absolutely Savage Candor

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Early Contender for Mother of the Year 2014

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Miss Piggy Universe trump tweet

Trump Late-Night Tweeted About 'Miss Piggy Universe' and is Getting Ripped to Shreds For it

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Penny For Your F**ks

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Instagram Really Ought to Update Their Fish Harassment Policies

Skin - 00000 AT&T LTE 10:22 AM 97% 36m Fishy won't keepu out of the water for too long #fish #office Q
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That Wasn't Very Nice of You, Captcha

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Cut By Occam's Razor

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Make a Wish, Youths!

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But Does He Look Like One?

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The Easiest Celebrities Read Mean Tweets is This Country Music Edition

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