Her Trip is Gonna Be Anything But Kwik

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By thatsprettycoool

That Passive Aggressive Couple

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By Unknown

Life Goals

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By Unknown

Facebook Marriage

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By NInjakittehs


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You Stay Classy, Wal-mart

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By Kia

Obvious Answer is Obvious

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By little_penguin

In Case You Missed It ...

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By Unknown

Facebook Affair: You're Doing It Wrong!

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By Stacy

What a Loser! Catching Me and All That!

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By Unknown

Yes Ma'am, Right Away

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By Edmund

If You Cheat on Your Wife, You're Gonna Haba Bad Time

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By Unknown
Mow Lawn Struggle

The Hilariously Dramatic Struggle One Guy Has Trying to Mow His Lawn is How We All Feel About Yard Work

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Marriage Is No Joking Matter

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By mintyglamour

The Power of Twitter Catches an Adulterer in the Act

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By NickCB (Via Happy Place)

Hey Hey, You You, I Don't Like Your Boyfriend!

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By Unknown
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