What a Twist!

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By Unknown

Walmart Pls Halp

marriage TMI divorce Walmart - 7119911936
By Unknown


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By Unknown

True Love

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Via TheAlexNevil
marriage Barbie relationships facebook dating - 853253

Guy Creates a Special Game Developer Barbie For His Wife and Wins All the Points

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Marriage and Politics

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By Unknown

Holy Matri-phony

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By Unknown

You're Doing Marriage Right, Dude

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By corydg

What to Do Today?

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By muttleythedog

One for Each!

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By Unknown

You Stay Classy, Wal-mart

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By Kia

Love Means...

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By mau17f

Serious Miscommunication

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By clmcwo

Facebook Marriage

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By NInjakittehs

"On What?"

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By Unknown
funny tweets

20 Tweets About Marriage That Are Accurate As F*ck

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