Will You McMarry Me?

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Nice Husband Asks Why Company His Wife Worked For, For 11 Years Fired Her, And Things Escalated To Hilariously Epic Proportions

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Power-Hour is Longer Too

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By csramirez

How to Heat Up a Marriage

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"On What?"

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You Stay Classy, Wal-mart

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By Kia

A Match Made in... Somewhere

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Flipper Never Had Days Like These

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So Much Embarrassment

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Star Wars Jokes

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By BBreezy

Relationship Woes

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By Marvin Cespedes

Love is Blind (To First Names)

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By KColey

In Need of a Quick Husband

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By chiva_86

When You're Married Even Sexting is a Trap

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I Think We All Know Who That One Angry Reaction Face is From

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