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Girl Live-Tweets Her Suspenseful Attempt at Hooking Up With Uber Driver

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More Than Love

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57 Years of Relationship Goals

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The Other "L Word"

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They Don't Call It "Falling" in Love for Nothing

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The Disease of Love

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Homophobic or Just an Asshole?

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Uhh... You Did?

Text - Jessica 3 hours ago via mobile Tonight I am spending quality time with me and my daughter and my man Aaron love you both so much xoxoxoxo with Aaron Like Comment Share 4 people like this. Evan every 3 months. 39 minutes ago Like 1 IDaaamn girl, you're worse than Taylor Swift. You're in love Jessica 6 minutes ago via mobile Like Who says I am in love Write a comment....
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Unconditional Love

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By ashful

Love Debt

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Love is in the Air

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Probably the Best Dating Advice Ever Given

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How Does I Maths?

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Basic Knowledge

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