50 Swatches of Grey

50 shades of grey literal paint - 6469446656
Created by Unknown

They're Lucky She Didn't Do the Same With The Tip

eating food literal restaurant sarcastic tumblr - 6488799488
Created by Unknown

Dr. Mix-A-Lot, PhD

hip hop literal song lyrics witty reply - 4623961600
Created by Unknown

When Literalists Facebook

literal location - 6087503104
Created by D35TR0Y3R

A True Audiophile

headphones literal sex - 6235152896
Created by BullMoose

One Thing You Can't Live Without

literal your friends are jerks - 5077456128
Created by Unknown

They Said I Could Be Anything, But I Never Asked for This

comic fan literal old rage comic - 6211122944
Created by Unknown

Spinning Bono

literal your friends are laughing at you - 5152503296
Created by Unknown

Whoever Your Texting?

literal text your friends are jerks - 5117658624
Created by Unknown

But What About the Boots?

literal - 6188600320
Created by ash084

Literal Jerk is Literal

literal your friends are jerks - 4886166272
Created by Fannykins