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Kanye Swift

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By Alex H.

Kim Kardashian Is Launching Her Own Emoji Line

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Kirby Jenner Is Kendall Jenner's Epic Fake Fraternal Instagram Twin

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Kim Kardashian?

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An Unfortunate Last Name

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By vhjerpe

This Defense of Kim Kardashian's Butt is the Best Critique of Viral Videos

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Pure Inspiration

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By RainbowLuster

There Was a PSA About Ferguson at the MTV Music Awards, so of Course the Kardashians Were Texting Through it

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Kanye Never Lets You Finish

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If One Joins the Army, They'll Be "Major Wood"

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By gwood2

Global Morning Sickness

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By MojoJoJo27
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Watch This Total Scumbag Try to Kiss Kim Kardashian's Butt Right Before Getting Brutally Curb Stomped

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Can You Make Your Hypocrisy Any More Obvious?

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There Are Going to Be a Lot of Kids With Weird Names in a Few Years

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No Internets Were Broken in the Making of This Tweet

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Retweeted: The Greatest Mind of the 19th Century and the Worst Mind of Our Own Century

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