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Designer Ajit Johnson Makes an Image Series About #ThisGeneration, #ThisGeneration Lays Down Some Burns in Response

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Here's What Happens When Kids These Days Don't Know the WiFi Password

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Get Paid, Get Paper, Spend That Paper on a Dictionary

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What, No Rickroll?

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Look at How Good We Are at Spending Our Parents' Money on Food!

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Parents Just Don't Understand Satire

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A Tale of Mother and Son

Funny mother and son exchange about how she won't get even when she is older, and if she tries, Mom will be put in an old age home.
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Exhibit A for a "Attitude"

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Opposites Attract!

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This is What a Sweet 16 Party Looks Like Now

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How's the Eavesdropping Treating You?

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Nope, Still Wrong

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See? Family Dinner is Great!

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Championship Coach (and Noted Philanderer) Rick Pitino Thinks You Sports Kids Have Better Things to do Than the Social Media-thing

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Says the Person Who Never Had Any Idea How the 50s Were

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Tubman Really Needs to Work on Her Angles

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