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Neve Mmind the Word "Teen" in There

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One More Hashtag and You Would Have Unlocked an Achievement!

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Parents Just Don't Understand Satire

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By Failbook Frank

Huh, Turns Out We're All Older Than We Think

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By Unknown

Stop the Millennial Generation, I Want to Get Off

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I'll Stick to "30 and With a Reasonable Career and Pregnant," Thanks

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By YourDJEncore

Some People Are Better at Being Grown-Ups Than Others

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Designer Ajit Johnson Makes an Image Series About #ThisGeneration, #ThisGeneration Lays Down Some Burns in Response

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Let He Who is Without Food Pics Throw the First Shade

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By Unknown

It's Morning in Amerikajah

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Headstones Are Going to Look Like This Any Day Now

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How do We Get the Kids Back on Facebook?

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There Are 38 New Emoji Coming Next Year - but Still No Taco in Sight

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Obviously Nothing Applies to ME, Duh

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By Jenn Jorgensen

It Looks Like These Two Are Perfect for One Another

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By Anony

It Sounds Like a Special Snowflake Doesn't Feel so Great About Growing Up

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